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OPEN Forum: Technology for Access

The 1st OPEN Forum, which will be held in Antwerp on 8th February 2019, will provide an opportunity for stakeholders in the field of media and cultural accessibility to exchange knowledge and learn about the latest technologies and IT solutions to enhance accessibility to both recorded media and live cultural events.

Some of the innovative developments for accessibility services available today include speech-to-text and velotype solutions for live subtitles, software for creating integrated titles, advanced display solutions such as smart glasses for integrated titles for theatrical productions, mobile apps for the wireless distribution of live audio description as well as audio guides, sign language interpreting and 360° audio description editors, to name just a few.

Partly thanks to these innovative technological solutions, social participation through accessible media and culture is no longer merely an aspirational idea, but is increasingly becoming a reality in many countries across Europe. Nevertheless, a crucial challenge still lies in bridging the gap between the development of technological solutions and acquainting providers of access services and their users with what is now available.

The 1st OPEN Forum will provide developers with a platform to present their tools and technologies for recorded and live media and cultural access services and it will offer providers and users - including user organizations, cultural venues, theatres, event and festival organizers, government agencies, research institutions, language service providers, translators and post-editors and all  other stakeholders in the field - with an opportunity to discover new solutions and interact with developers to discuss the possibilities and complexities of implementation.

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Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Walter Daelemans on Artificial Intelligence.

Ms. Inmaculada Placencia Porrero on the EU Accessibility Act and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

Ms. Julie Lenoir on the European Broadcasting Union.