accessibility meets multimedia learning

by Yanou Van Gauwbergen

Effect van intralinguale live ondertiteling op perceptie, prestatie en cognitieve belasting in een universiteitscollege in het Engels bij Vlaamse studenten

One of the main challenges in higher education in the 21st century is providing educational access to an increasingly multilingual and multicultural student population. Many universities are therefore considering using English as language of instruction (EMI), but students' limited proficiency in English can be a serious drawback. Live subtitling might help to overcome this language barrier, by removing physical (auditory) and linguistic barriers at the same time. The aim of this research project is therefore to investigate (1) how university students in Flanders perceive EMI lectures with intralingual live subtitles, i.e. lectures for which the words of the lecturer are subtitled in real time in the same language (English), (2) whether these subtitles influence their performance, and (3) what impact these subtitles have on their cognitive load. We will compare two different production methods of subtitling: (1) respeaking and (2) trained automatic speech recognition. We will also compare two different projection methods: (1) subtitles in a block of 2 lines underneath the PowerPoint of the lecturer, and (2) scrolling subtitles on a separate screen. We will investigate the impact of subtitling on perception, performance and cognitive load among two student groups: (1) students who study English as a major, and (2) students who do not study English. Quantitative and qualitative data will be collected during real lectures using online questionnaires and eye tracking glasses.